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Royal Collection SFD X7 RESCUE

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Royal Collection 2014 SFD X7 Utility – The new X7 UT is available in a standard model and a lighter weight “light spec” for the slower swinger. This listing is for the standard version which features RC’s new up +7% performance design,  a rounded sole and is extremely versitile due to it’s low CG and shallow face design.  RC has also added new lofts for even more options:  15.5/18/20.5/23/25.5/28* lofts are available.

Product Description

It can respond to any distance.
Gap without aim lineup of enhancement.

U1 and U6 is emerging to the lineup.
To U1 ~ U6, loft pitch between the count in 2.5 ° increments, distance it is possible to use both while clearly ascertaining the. So far the strike divided the small distance was difficult in the utility of, I compensate with rich loft variations. A distance of 160 ~ 230yard, I can cover in the enhancement of the lineup.

And high directionality than fairway
Control performance that surpasses the middle iron.

Easy to set up with a high sense of security straight face. Through the smaller set the face progression was improved and good operability 捉 Mari. Round sole with rounded, to demonstrate the goodness and of omission from any line, to produce a strong Tamasuji.
The realization and higher direction than fairway, the control performance over iron. In addition, by adopting a high-strength Face material [custom 455 stainless], and both rigidity and rebound performance. I enjoy a sense of play and feel that response.

I combines the ease of handling and functionality
Universal utility.

It is easy to raise the ball with a low center of gravity, designed to reduce the extra spin in the center of gravity that was set somewhat shallow. The aim the green with a strong trajectory of the image as you do not lose the wind. Also fit the needs of the poor golfer of fairway, also firmly cover flying distance of up to middle iron, I was finished in all-purpose utility that combines the ease and functionality to handle.

img_x7ut FEAT1


Head material /
Process / finish
Body: SUS630 stainless precision casting
Face: Custom 455 stainless pressing
Face: satin finish Crown: black paint
Sole: mirror & Painting
No. U1 U2 U3 U4 U5 U6
Loft(Degree) 15.5/58.5  18/59 20.5/59.5  23/60 25.5/60.5  28/61
Face angle Straight
Head weight (g) 226 231 236 241 246 251
Volume (cm3) 112 109 106 104 101 98
Length (inches) carbon 41 40.5 40 39.5 39 38.5
Length (inches) steel 40.75 40.25 39.75 39.25 38.75 38.25
Weight(g) 335 340 344 348 352 356
Balance D1
Shaft Spec. Weight 55g/Torque 4.0/Medium Tone
Weight(g) 334 339 343 347 351 355
Balance D1
Shaft Spec. Weight 54g/Torque 4.1/Medium Tone
Weight(g) 331 336 340 344 348 352
Balance D0
Shaft Spec. Weight 52g/Torque 4.2/Medium Tone
RC 95 S Weight(g) 375 380 385 389 393 398
Balance D1
Shaft Spec. Weight 98g/Torque 2.5/Earlier in tone
Grip GOLF PRIDE VDラバー RCオリジナル(重量50g/口径M60/バックライン有)



Additional Information




Rescue, Utility, Hybrid


Royal Collection

Wood No.

#2, #3, #4, #5, #6, 1#

Shaft Flex

R, S, SR

Shaft Model



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