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  • Player who is looking for higher trajectory with Low kickpoint shaft.
  • Player who would like to reduce slice for longer distance in avarage.
  • Player who is aiming for straighter shot.
  • Lady golfer who has higher swing speed than avarage lady golfer.
  • Player who is looking for a forgiving club.
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Product Description

HONMA’s special FW with long carry performance and control.

  • 3W adopts the cup face with high deflection on impact for a long carry distance.
  • The amount of deflection depends on the golfer will achieve the control, powerful trajectories and longer carry distance.
  • The enhanced potential of the new head design
  • The lower center-of-gravity expands the length of the face and allows us to bring the center of gravity on the face closer to the center point, resulting in a higher smash factor.
  • All clubs become ordnances with the center-of-gravity flow design
  • The fairway wood series performance is enhanced by controlling the sole thickness for each club.


Head material/Manufacturing process SUS630/Forged
Face material/ Manufacturing process High-Strength Custom Steel/Forged
Shaft ARMRQ∞ 48, ARMRQ∞ 53, ARMRQ∞ 44
# (No.) 3W 5W 7W
Length(inches) 43.0 42.5 42.0
Loft (deg.) 15 18 21
Head volume(cm3) 190 179 171
Lie angle (deg.) 59.0 59.5 60.0
Distance to Center of Gravity(mm) 33.0 32.5 32.0
Height to Center of Gravity(mm) 23.0 24.0 24.0
Effective hitting area(mm) 15.0 13.5 13.0
Depth to Center of Gravity(mm) 32.0 31.5 31.0
Gravity Angle(deg.) 27.0 24.0 22.0
Swing weight・Gross weight (g) ARMRQ∞ 48 R D0・298 D0・302 D0・306
SR D1・301 D1・305 D1・309
S D1・302 D1・306 D1・310
ARMRQ∞ 53 R D0・309 D0・313 D0・317
S D1・313 D1・317 D1・321
ARMRQ∞ 44 R D0・295 D0・299 D0・303


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