GOLFBUDDY WT5 “New Color Schemes”

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The WT5 carries a design that is rugged and durable. The existing model has been updated and now features new color schemes, including a white/orange model and a black/blue model. The GolfBuddy WT5 offers all of the capabilities to prior model including full target and hazard information, Dynamic Green View and pin placement – but on a bold and colorful unit. Its digital scorecard can be used on any of the 37,000+ pre-loaded world courses, with storage for up to 40,000 courses. Automatic hole and course recognition, coupled with the WT5’s time, date and stopwatch functions, make this dynamic device one that can be worn every day.

Complete with a rechargeable battery, the WT5 provides an impressive 8 hours of battery life in full GPS mode and 35 days in watch mode. Waterproof and durable enough to withstand a heavy rainstorm, the WT5 seamlessly bonds state of the art technology with great design, resulting in unrivaled wearability for even the most demanding of golfers.


  • Distances to targets and hazards
  • Distances to front/center/back of the green
  • Pin placement
  • Digital scorecard
  • Dynamic Green View
  • Automatic course/hole recognition
  • Shot distance measurement
  • GPS tracking
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Time

wt 5 screenshot


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