GolfBuddy CT2 as Best GPS Rangefinders of 2016

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The Best GPS Rangefinders 2016

By: Golfshake Editor | Wed 08 Jun 2016 |
You quite often hear amateur golfers complain that if they knew the yardage to the pin they wouldn’t have missed clubbed so many times in a round. Well complain no more, because you’ll never be in two minds about a yardage with these GPS product that are new to the 2016 market.

GolfBuddy CT2

The Golf Buddy CT2 is the number one ranked Micro-GPS currently on the market and it is no wonder why. The versatile design fits into your pocket and can also be clipped to towel rings, belts, golf bags etc. and gives you distances to the front, centre and back of the green.

The device also comes with a dynamic green view with pin placement and distance readings from the golfer’s perspective, as well as offering distances to hazards and layups. Finally, the device automatically recognises a course to save you the hassle and even comes with a digital scorecard.

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